ICSI/IVF Failure

Failure of Assisted reproductive techniques is defined as three or more unsuccessful attempts of ICSI or IVF and can be caused by immunologic rejection or an unfavorable condition for implantation of the pregnancy due to impaired microcirculatory blood flow and insufficient blood supply. It is also a plausible explanation for the development of miscarriage following an ICSI / IVF induced pregnancy.

If there is proof of an impaired blood flow or an immunological rejection appropriate treatment by blood -thinning infusions (hemodilution) and / or immunotherapy may be performed at the time of ICSI / IVF treatment to support the development and maintenance of pregnancy.

For details on immunologic rejections, impaired blood flow and pregnancy please refer to the section "Recurrent miscarriages” in this homepage.

Please provide all medical reports as well as histological results and laboratory findings when appointing our unit.

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