Recurrent miscarriages

About 3-5% of all pregnant women experience two or more miscarriages in a row. While the risk of recurrent miscarriages following first miscarriages is low, the risk increases with each additional event. Besides genetic disorders, uterine malformation, auto immune disorders and infectious diseases in the majority of women no classical causes for these miscarriages can be found.

The target of extended clarification includes testing for immunological repulsion, pathologic blood flow properties causing impaired microcirculation and coagulation disorders, which altogether result in an increased risk for recurrent miscarriages. These complications are found in approximately 80% of woman with recurrent miscarriages. The results of these investigations guide the important decision of necessary treatment for prevention of miscarriages in subsequent pregnancies. The Consultation Clinic is available for clarification of each individual’s case.


Women should consider an extended clarification:

  • If they had more than two recurrent abortion
  • Women over the age of 35 years having two abortion or more.
  • Women with previous normal Pregnancy followed by two or more abortions (secondary recurrent abortion)


What you should be clarified in advance:

  • Human Genetic profile of both partners for exclusion of hereditary/chromosomal disorders.
  • Normal function of the thyroid gland
  • Exclusion of malformation of the uterus
  • Autoimmune Disease


What will be clarified:

  • Aquired and hereditary Coagulation disorders
  • blood cell and plasma properties responsible for blood flow in the microcirulation
  • Immunologic sensibility of the partners

Please provide all medical reports as well as histological results and laboratory findings when appointing our unit. Please fill out the form sheet on our home page

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